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Events > 2018 > September > Developmental Movement Workshop for Adults

About this event:

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Holistic Health Center of Peoria 4809 N. Sheridan Road Peoria, IL 61614


Baby and Toddler Developmental Movement Workshop for Adults.

In this workshop you will learn the developmental sequence of movements and positions that babies use to go from fetal postion to standing toddler. There is nothing more natural than developmental movement. You will be learning the most basic and natural movements. This series of movements and postions are very relaxing and calming that will free a tense, fixed, and contracted body. You will start to retrain your movement skill even when you are upright. We will also learn how to use a couple of these movements to help sit more comfortably.

The workshop will be held in the education cetner on the bottom level in The Holistic Health Center of Peoria. The fee is $40. The class size is limited. Bring a blanket and wear comfortable clothing. The instructor, Wes Howard, M.A., has been studying movement for over 30 years and has been a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique Movement for 24 years.

To Register and Prepay for the class, Contact: weshoward@gmail.com or call 217-417-2080


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